New Gym Equipment


New Gym Equipment

It was like Christmas at the Gym when I went in, well almost. I walked in and was confronted with a large collection of new Exercise Bikes and Treadmills all from Life Fitness.

So what was so special about new equipment at the gym for me to write a post about it you say, well if you knew the Gym I went to and knew the owner you’d know why it was special, I have written a few posts about the Gym I attend previously and have mentioned the equipment before.

The owner is a tight ass, he doesn’t spend money unless he absolutely has too. There is a major reason he has bought new equipment and that is because there is another large Gym franchise coming to town and what happens when competition comes in – you lose people and if you lose people you lose money…

Last week the place was extended, the kiddies play area was removed and a new smaller play area set up near reception, all the Gym equipment was moved up and around this expanded area and the old area filled with the bikes and treadmills.

I’ve complained about idiots standing on the Bicep curl bars and bending them a month or so ago, The managers had a meeting about it and something was supposed to be bought but I don’t like my chances especially now since the owner has spent a lot of money. It’s usually the Bodybuilders who are last in their needs in Gyms, well it is with the one I go to.

Enough whinging about the place and onto the new epuipment.

The bikes and treadmills from Life Fitness are great, they are all electronic with TV, Radio, USB and iPod functions. The displays are large and easy to read, I thought I’d be in for a nightmare trying to figure out what to do but it was fairly easy, and anything is an update from the old Red LED display bikes and treadmills they had before.

pic Treadmill Display

LifeFitness Treadmill Display

There is even a virtual trainer you can pick a Guy or a Chick, I went the chick, I did wonder what other options they had that could be loaded, maybe Cartoon characters or even those weird Virtual 3D Desktop chicks you can have on your Windows screen that you see in ads from time to time. I don’t think I’d be able to take Homer too seriously telling me the peddle faster though.

pic Virtual Trainers

Treadmill Virtual Trainers

Perhaps pixel enhanced virtual trainers?

pic Enhanced Pixels

Enhanced pixels

Life Fitness could even target World of Warcraft players with this equipment, being an old WOW player (yes I admit it) I know what the kids in it are like, I’m sure if Life Fitness loaded a Night Elf chick or a Human chick in their underwear which was a popular choice of attire to stand or walk around with in WOW, they might get a lot more sales, but then again I’ve seen WOW players the majority are not the smallest people! Now if you could play WOW on exercise equipment that might reduce Australia’s and America’s obesity problems! The WOW bike, it would have be EPIC purple of course and probably would allow someone else to ride with you or come with it’s own vendor (WOW people would understand this)

pic Perhaps WOW Virtual Trainers

Perhaps WOW Virtual Trainers

Once I finished my session it came up with my calories burnt, distance and total time etc but the cool thing was you can save your workout to a USB stick or your iPod and plug it in another day and use that same workout, I did wonder later if you can get a virus from a Bike, people have from College, Work and even Gym ones :), but from a Stationary Fitness Bike no idea but I don’t think I’ll chance it, I’ll just use an old USB stick for the Gym.